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After Hours Calls

If you need after hours service for a water emergency, please call the office phone number and get the phone number of the service staff "on-call". The service staff is on call on a rotating basis each week and week-end.

Make sure we have your current phone number. Many people have dropped their land lines and gone entirely to cell phones, and we may not have that number in out files.

The District is asking all customers to please contact the office to make sure we have a current phone number in the system for several reasons:


High Usage

A "High Usage Report" is printed out each month before billing is sent out. The report is checked and as a courtesy, we will try to contact customers if their usage is extremely high to see if they might have a leak they were unaware of, or just to let them know they will be receiving a higher than normal bill.


Scheduled Shut-off Maintenance

If we have a scheduled maintenance water shut-off for an area, we will try to notify customers in advance so they can arrange their schedules or special needs before the water is shut off.

Emergency repair shut-offs, most of the time, do not allow us to notify customers of the situation ahead of time. Please know that when emergencies happen, we will do our best to make sure that your service is not interrupted any longer than necessary.


Courtesy Contact

The office staff may from time to time have questions or information that needs to be given to a customer in a timely manner regarding their account.