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Following are answers to questions that are frequently asked of our staff, and problems that are commonly encountered by our customers.

Winter Freeze

When Winter has arrived that means possibly having frozen pipes. It has been suggested that a faucet be left dripping to help keep pipes from freezing. Yes, it works, however, you have a higher water bill, but which is worse -- a higher water bill or calling a plumber to replace water pipes?

If you decide to leave water dripping on those really cold days and nights, perhaps placing a bucket under the faucet to catch the water to "recycle" by using to water animals or plants might make you feel like the water wasn't wasted. Placing a towel or wash cloth over the container helps with the noise of the "drip-Drip-DRIP.

If you are not planning on staying at your house because of a power outage, please contact the district office and make arrangements to have your water shut off at the meter so that in the event of a water pipe freezing and busting, your house won't be flooded and froze too. There is no charge for this service, just make sure that you let us know it is for weather purposes. You will still receive a minimum monthly bill, but again, it's still cheaper than a plumber.

If you have a "shut off valve" at your home, you can shut the water off there, however, you will still have the possibility of the line freezing/busting from the meter to the house. If you decide to shut off at the meter yourself, do not force shut off at meter. Please give us a call to turn off for you. There is no charge for doing this.